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(Last Modified: 21st October 2013)

International Conferences on
Artificial Immune Systems


Papers from the ICARIS track held at ECAL 2013 can be freely downloaded

Information on all ICARIS conferences, past and present, is available at the links below.

ICARIS-2013 * ICARIS-2012 * ICARIS-2011 * ICARIS-2010 * ICARIS-2009 * ICARIS-2008 * ICARIS-2007 * ICARIS-2006 * ICARIS-2005 * ICARIS 2004 * ICARIS-2003 * ICARIS-2002

Steering Committee

ICARIS is overseen by a steering committee (SC) that was initially elected way back in 2003 at the conference in Edinburgh. During that time a few people have left and a few have joined. The steering committee have developed a series of rules that govern how the SC is run and how people are elected (and leave) the SC. If you are interested in being part of the community then please read the document on how to get involved in the SC which has recently been developed. If you are interested in being part of the SC then you will need to contact members of the SC. The current steering committe is:
  • Prof Emma Hart (chair)
  • Dr Julie Greensmith
  • Dr Thomas Jansen
  • Dr Johannes Textor
  • Dr Melanie Moses

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