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Aug 15: From the two Tracks, the Late Breaking Abstracts and the Satellite Workshop, ICARIS 2012 received 92 submissions!

Aug 13: The Scientific Program is now online [link].

Aug 7: Prof. Natalio Krasnogor interviewed in Superquark, the most famous TV italian program for science dissemination (italian only)
See the interview - around 1h25m

Aug 4: HIV-infected T cells help transport the virus throughout the body
A new study has discovered one more way the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) exploits the immune system. Not only does HIV infect and destroy CD4-positive helper T cells – which normally direct and support the infection-fighting activities of other immune cells – the virus also appears to use those cells to travel through the body and infect other CD4 T cells. The study from Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) investigators, which will appear in the journal Nature and has received advance online release, is the first to visualize the behavior of HIV-infected human T cells within a lymph node of a live animal, using a recently developed "humanized" mouse model of HIV infection. (continues)

Aug 2: Science Magazine News: Unique Cell Type in Implicated in Multiple Sclerosis
ScienceDaily (Aug. 1, 2012) — Researchers at the National Institutes of Health have found evidence that a unique type of immune cell contributes to multiple sclerosis (MS). Their discovery helps define the effects of one of the newest drugs under investigation for treating MS -- daclizumab -- and could lead to a new class of drugs for treating MS and other autoimmune disorders.

July 4: Professor Carlos A. Coello Coello, ICARIS 2012 General Co-Chair, has been named recipient of the 2013 IEEE Kiyo Tomiyasu Award for outstanding early to mid-carrer contributions to technologies holding the promise of innovative applications with the following citation:

"For pioneering contributions to single- and multiobjective optimization techniques using bioinspired metaheuristics"

Prof. Carlos A. Coello Coello is the the first mexican to receive this prestigious Award and only the second evolutionary computation researcher to obtain it (Dr. David Fogel received this Award several years ago).

Apr 26: Professor Stephanie Forrest, University of New Mexico - ICARIS 2012 Plenary Speaker - has been awarded the prestigious ACM/AAAI Allen Newell Award!

Apr 16: Paper submission 14th May 2012.

Apr 16: Abstract/Poster/Short presentation submission deadline 15th June 2012.

Mar 24: Visa page uploaded.

Mar 19: Plenary Speakers and Tutorials pages have been updated.

Feb 28: Best Papers for both tracks will be published in Natural Computing.

Feb 14: Plenary Lectures page has been updated.

Feb 3: Program Committee has been updated.