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Teaching Material

Lecture Courses

For all any material that you use from there, please ensure that due reference is given to the author. If you want us to add material for you, then email us with all the details.

Introductory Level Courses

  • Short Lecture Course supplied by Jon Timmis of the University of York, UK (if you use any slides here, please provide a suitable acknowledgment). These lectures form part of a longer course on swarm intelligence, and also assume some knowledge of evolutionary computation. Immune networks are not covered in these slides, though they are on the course. The reason why there are no slides on immune networks is the topic is worked through with the students on a white board by adapting a clonal selection algorithm into an immune network algorithm. Negative selection is also covered on the white board, rather than through lecture slides.
    • Lecture 1: An Overview of Artifcial Immune Systems Lecture PDF
    • Lecture 2: An Introduction to Relevant Immunology Lecture PDF
    • Lecture 3: Immune Modelling : A simple case study Lecture PDF
    • Lecture 4: Engineering Artificial Immune Systems Lecture PDF
    • Lecture 5: Using Clonal Selection for Supervised Learning Lecture PDF
    • Lecture 6: On Artificial Immune Systems and Swarm Intelligence Lecture PDF
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