When you have a healthy immune system, it helps you fight off disease. If you don’t have a healthy immune system, your body has trouble fighting off bacteria and viruses that can cause sickness. The good news is most of us do have a strong enough immune system to ward off sickness. It’s important to keep it in tiptop shape so that when cold and flu season comes around, you’ll be able to fight the symptoms.

What makes a Strong Immune System?

A healthy immune system has two parts: the innate and adaptive systems. The innate system recognizes invading pathogens (disease-causing bacteria, virus or fungi).

When it detects one of these invaders, it responds with inflammation and orders white blood cells to attack the invader–which is how the black eye happened.

How Your Immune System Works?

The adaptive system kicks in when those first responses fail. It encodes the invader’s DNA into memory T-cells which then recognize future invaders from the same family–like a vaccine–and quickly mount an attack on them before they get a chance to reproduce and grow stronger.