There are many factors that contribute to poor skin and immune system health, but one of the easiest ways to avoid overusing antibiotics is by not taking them when they are unnecessary. This means you need to be more conscious of the problem and take your symptoms seriously as you try to determine what might be wrong with you.

Always, See Your Doctor First!

If you know that a virus is causing your symptoms, it’s best to make an appointment with your doctor and explain what’s going on.

If there’s no definite diagnosis or if you have a bacterial infection, then it may be time for medication. However, if at all possible, ask for a non-antibiotic prescription such as an antiviral medication or a topical steroid instead of antibiotics.

Easy now with Your Antibiotics

Antibiotics are great for treating infections caused by bacteria. But did you know that antibiotics can also wipe out “good” bacteria in your gut? It’s important to avoid overusing these types of medications because they could disrupt the balance between good and bad bacteria which will affect your immune system health!